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Even though we were advised against it by a team of therapists, we watched Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. And we’ve got the recap for you here.

With 13 former contestants from The Bachelor and Bachelorette headed to Tulum, Mexico to find love, you know what they’ll truly discover is drama.

Seven women, six men you barely remember from the original shows, even if you’re a major fan of the reality franchise. It’s a match made in … paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise Clip - Lacy Gets So Wet

With Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray engaged, happy and done with the show, the lucky contestants looking for love and 15 minutes of fame are:

  • Robert Graham (Desiree’s season)
  • Ben Scott (Desiree’s season)
  • Graham Bunn (DeAnna’s season) 
  • Marquel Martin (Andi’s season)
  • Marcus Grodd (Andi’s season)
  • Dylan Petitt (Andi’s season)
  • Michelle Kujawa (Jake’s season) 
  • Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo’s season)
  • Elise Mosca (Juan Pablo’s season)
  • Lacy Faddoul (Juan Pablo’s season)
  • Sarah Herron (Sean’s season)
  • AshLee Frazier (Sean’s season)
  • Daniella McBride (Sean’s season)

However, later in the episode, in walked Michelle Money from Brad Womack‘s season, looking to join the fray and ruffle as many feathers as possible.


So how does this work? If you don’t make a match, you go home.

The girls get a date card and choose who they want to go on a date with, and if the end of the week, the guys give out their roses, leaving one to go home.

Seven girls, six guys. Then it will alternate the following week.

Confused yet? You’re not alone, but so be it. Let’s move on.

Soon enough, we saw Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul in the water together … and Lacy Faddoul and Robert Graham doing the same thing.

Someone wanted to avoid another night one exit.

Clare chose Graham for her date, enraging AshLee Frazier, who was pretty much ready to get married to Bunn from the second they met … or prior to that.

Looking more unhinged by the minute, AshLee even remarked that Clare "isn’t pretty" and that she “slept with Juan Pablo” so she must be a "slut."

Seriously. This happened.

Clare, amazingly, gave up Graham and took Robert instead. AshLee was rewarded by Michelle walking in, though; Money and Graham once dated!

Sarah, meanwhile, chose Marcus for her date, and made out with him in the water, which was pretty hot, while Michelle and Marquel went horseback riding.

Lacy then chose Robert over Marcus, who was still feeling Lacy … and Andi Dorfman. Did he mention that? In any case, Lacy is quite the player.

Before it was even time for the rose ceremony, Michelle K. bailed for sort of unexplained reasons, leaving seven girls and six guys once more.

We’ll find out what really happened to her somewhat crazy self next week, but here’s who got the roses to conclude this remarkable TV experiment:

  1. Michelle (from Marquel)
  2. AshLee (from Graham)
  3. Elise (from Dylan)
  4. Lacy (from Marcus, oooh);
  5. Clare (from Robert)
  6. Sarah (from Ben)

That leaves Daniela, who was sent home in shambles.