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Danity Kane is no more. The girl group that came together on season three of Puff Daddy’s Making the Band, and proceeded to perform well below expectations has officially broken up.

The decision comes on the heels of a blowout fight between Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richards, two of DK’s founding members. 

Kane hasn’t had a hit since 2008, but they recently returned to the studio to record a comeback album, and were said to be confident they’d be able to conquer the charts once again.

Sadly, their reunion seemed doomed from the start. Aundrea Fimbres quit the group almost immediately after re-joining, leaving just O’Day, Richards and Shannon Bex behind.


The former two have reportedly never gotten along, and things came to a head earlier this week when cops were called to break up an in-studio brawl.

In a statement to TMZ, Bex said, “Sadness does not even begin to describe what I feel right now. I must now walk away feeling used and manipulated.”

The group’s founder and manager Puff Daddy couldn’t be reached for comment, but we’re guessing he’s not too upset. We hear the guy does alright financially.