Lingerie Football League Fight: You Gotta 34-C This!

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A bench-clearing brawl broke out at a Lingerie Football League game the other night.

Yes, those games are actual things. And this was the best girl-on-girl fighting you'll see outside of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

This full-on fight at a Legends Football League game, in which the Atlanta Steam defeated the Jacksonville Breeze 20-12 in OT, was a sight to behold.

Not often to you see a linebacker take a swing at a coach at any level of the sport.

Or call another player a "pu$$y a$$ b!tch," although that is certainly possible to see elsewhere. It just takes on new meaning when the players are ...

Anyway, the benches cleared after that insult began flying, and the fists followed.

Soon enough, Jacksonville's Adrian Purnell popped Atlanta Steam head coach Dane Robinson in the face, at which point security tried to break it up.

The women weren't having it, though. One even took a swing with her helmet.

Good times in the LFL. If only we could take some of these top-tier performers in our drafts. Just think of the potential for Fantasy Football team names:

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