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This week on LeAnn & Eddie, we learn why LeAnn was a star in the first place, because frankly most people may not even remember that she is one.

Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee, LeAnn was catapulted to country fame as a teenager. Superstardom is more like it. She is a huge, huge name.

On this episode of the worst show in the history of the world, LeAnn is in town to promote her new album and spend some time with her estranged dad.

Eddie, meanwhile, struggles to find ways to justify his name in the title.

LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Selfie

LeAnn and her father, Wilbur, have made progress in their relationship, but there’s work to be done. They still can’t talk about certain things, she admits.

This is a man she once accused of stealing money from her, so there’s a lot of history there. History and genuine tension that permeates this episode.

When LeAnn voices nervousness over her dad watching her Grand Ole Opry performance, the mixed feelings she harbors become all the more clear.


After her performance, Wilbur tells her she was great, but you get the feeling he’s holding back, isolating himself emotionally for reasons unknown.

This LeAnn & Eddie installment mercifully ends with LeAnn and her dad singing a gospel tune, as Eddie looks on and ponders why he’s on the show.

Seriously, while she was off doing the things that a genuine country star does, he was skeet shooting, lassoing, and riding a horse, trying to be useful.

He’s not very good at any of these tasks, or at delivering the obviously scripted jokes about his attempt at being a cowboy. Isn’t he an actor by trade?

Guess both his wives both had bigger careers, so he’s at least good at marrying up.

Brandi Glanville can thank us later for that after she’s done berating him on Twitter.