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It’s been quite some time since typewriters were a common feature of everyday life, so you might not expect kids to even recognize one these days.

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Not the case. Most of the children interviewed in the popular online Kids React series knew very well what a typewriter was when presented with one.

Perhaps because of movies and TV teaching them about "antique stuff" and also because they paved the way for computer keyboards, we can see that.

When it comes to actually using one, however?

Let’s just say that the Remington Quiet Riter, circa 1950, is more labor intensive than the iPad, from punching the keys (hard even if they don’t jam) to changing lines.

Not to mention changing the paper AND ink.

Seriously. Some objects of yesteryear make us look back fondly with nostalgia, reflecting fondly on simpler times … but we’re with the kiddos on this one.

The carbon paper looks complicated AND gross.