Cute Kids React to Stuff

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Aren't kids adorable when they react to stuff? See what we mean here.

1. We're Going to Disneyland?!?

What happens when parents tell their daughter the family is going to Disneyland? An awesomely adorable reaction.

2. Jessica Sanchez Fan Reacts to Loss

This young girl REALLY wanted Jessica Sanchez to win American Idol. Watch her reaction now.

3. Baby Reacts to Mother Singing

This is amazing. Watch a mother sing to her baby and watch the baby's reaction.

4. Girl Receives Puppy as a Gift

Think this little girl is happy to receive a puppy as a present? So do we.

5. Kids React to Game Boy

Kids react to Game Boy in this video. It's safe to say they are confused by the gaming system.

6. Kids React to Old Computers

When kids encounter old computers, they react about as you might expect.

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