Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez Still "His Girl," Will Always Come Back For More

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While it may seem like Selena Gomez is moving on from Justin Bieber, he is reportedly convinced that's just a phase and that "his girl" will return to him eventually.

Sooner rather than later, in fact.

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“Justin is telling people that there is something going on between them,” a source says. “He still calls Selena his girl, and thinks she’s going to come back to him eventually."

Why is he so certain? "Because their bond is unbreakable. He is a bit delusional since they are not even talking now but then again, it’s happened before.”

Fake-sounding quotes aside, that last part is totally true.

They break up and they make up, and the former teen heart throb always seems to end up with Selena Gomez nude in the end. It's a vicious, sexy cycle for Jelena.

Until the one time he doesn't. Whether this is that time or not, it's got to happen. Taylor Swift is SO happy she kicked him to the curb, and she's not the only one.

The million dollar question is ... will it actually stick?!

Whether you're a Bieber or a Selenator, everyone seems to agree that these two are better apart than together. The proof is in the pudding, people.

It's time for all parties to move on with their lives.

Yes, Justin Bieber took her virginity and they will always have feelings for each other. It's natural with one's first love, to pine for them and yearn for the good old days.

But those days are long, long gone.

If we were Selena, we'd commit ourselves to our craft and stop worrying about whatever this d-bag does these days. Because not a lot of good tends to come from it.

When mild-mannered Orlando Bloom punches you and you're the subject of multiple police investigations as well as countless other scandals in the same year?

Not a good sign.

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