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Move over Marthan Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. Jonathan Cheban of Keeping Up With the Karadshians fame is launching a new lifestyle site.

Kim Kardashian’s best friend recently gave his fans (which he presumably has, somewhere), The Dishh on his growing empire and how Kim inspired him.

Yes, that’s Dishh with a second “h.”

Cheban’s new site, he explains, is “an extension of my Instagram! Everybody loves my food, loves my places to go, and loves my fun stories and fun posts.”

According to Instagram, this boast is valid – 948,640 people do. As a result, “I thought it was time to make it into a full website” with all he has to offer.

With the tagline, The Best Of The Best And The Best Of The Worst … And Nothing In Between,” the site will Dishh on the best places and stuff for a kick ass time.

Not necessarily on a budget.

Jonathan Cheban, a 40-year-old PR executive by trade, says that he plans to add more features to give his readers the ultimate lifestyle experience:

“We’re definitely going to write about nightlife and DJs as well … it’s so much fun. There’s such fun stuff out there that everyday people are missing.”

The self-proclaimed “Kanye West of food” is also working on two new restaurants, the Miami-based Sushi Couture, and Burger Bandit, his lifelong dream.

The Lyndbrook, Long Island, N.Y., spot has been likened (by Cheban) to Shake Shack and Five Guys. But how will he set his apart? J.C. explains:

“I hate big burgers, but I hate sliders so these are called bandits. It’s between a slider and a burger and it’s a size right in between,” he said. “It’s a whole new category.”

“People don’t have to have those huge burgers and feel like slobs. You just keep going and going and doing different projects and that’s what I do.”

His “real inspiration” for that mentality? Kim Kardashian herself.

“I’m just impressed by Kim everyday… I love that she shows the naysayers wrong every time and hits them with something new and keeps breaking barriers.”

“I was just filming last week with them and it’s always so fun,” Cheban said. “People don’t even understand how fun they all are. It’s just a pleasure.”