Guy Dumps Cheating Girlfriend in Epic, Live Radio Takedown: Listen!

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It's no secret that people love to take down a cheater, but this is taking revenge, payback and crushing someone's soul to new, humiliating depths.

In a radio interview with Cleveland’s Majic 105.7, one longtime listener of the show reveals that his girlfriend of five years is expecting him to propose.

Just one problem: Ashley has been cheating on him.

Simply breaking up with her after discovering this wasn't enough for Chris, though. He decided to have his favorite radio show hosts call her in an elaborate ruse.

The hosts don't overtly lie about Chris' intentions, but they ask her about the proposal she believes is coming ... then Chris comes on the line! OMG!

Little does she know they actually called so that HE CAN DUMP HER LIVE on air. As the Majic 105.7 duo even said, this is a dark road he's going down:

Yeah. That escalated really quickly about 7:00.

Chris is clearly furious at her public displays of affection with Eric, her longtime "friend," and the hesitation when asked about him seems to prove the allegation.

She admits "a couple mistakes" were made. Tears are shed. The ugliness of this relationship-ending conversation becomes increasingly difficult to listen to.

Did she deserve it? Did Chris go too far?

We'll leave that up to you to decide, but Ashley's life is pretty much over after this stunt. Let's make up for it with some more epic surprise reactions below.

At least these are more positive:

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