15 Epic Reactions to Surprises Caught on Camera

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Think you're not on camera when surprise information comes your way? Think again! Then check out these epic reactions to surprises caught on camera. 

1. Marine's Wife Reveals She's Pregnant

A Marine's wife reveals that she's pregnant after he returns from a stint at sea in the best way ever.

2. Soldiers Surprise Wife, Son With Returns From Deployment

A couple of great clips of members of the military returning home to surprise their families.

3. Guy Restores Girlfriend's Teddy Bear, Films Reaction

Check out this great video of a girl whose boyfriend restored her childhood teddy bear and filming her priceless reaction.

4. New Baby Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong

What happens when a brother finds out he's getting ANOTHER little sister? This hilariously sad/angry reaction.

5. Beyonce Shocks Kids at Target

Surprise! Beyonce shocked fans at a store in Harlem in June of 2011. They were VERY happy to see her.

6. Mother Surprised with Super Bowl Tickets

What happens when a son surprises his mother Super Bowl tickets? Find out in this awesome video.

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