Katy Perry and Diplo: Back Together!

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While most of the results of the 2014 Emmy Awards were fairly predictable, there was a twist at the after parties that we definitely didn't see coming:

Katy Perry and Diplo stepped out as a couple - informally announcing to the celebrity world that they've reconciled.

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This isn't the first time that we've heard rumors that Katy and Diplo are back together (the couple separated back in May), but the news is particularly astonishing this time around, because it comes directly on the heels of Katy's supposed reconciliation with a different ex.

Yes, Katy and Riff Raff announced that they're "in love" at the VMAs, and while they may have been joking (we hope), they also sported matching denim outfits and left in a limo together:

So Katy seems to be having trouble deciding which ridiculously-named ex she should reconcile with. 

Considering the VMAs and the Emmys were back-to-back this year, you'd think Katy would've crossed paths with plenty of mono-named celebs to start fresh with. Maybe Drake just wasn't interested. 

Anyway, congrats to Katy and Diplo for the fifteenth time. If these two break up and reconcile again, we're holding an intervention.

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