Guardians of the Galaxy Reviews: An Outstanding Space Odd-yssey

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Chris Pratt is buff and often shirtless. Zoe Saldana is green. And Bradley Cooper is a talking raccoon.

If nothing else, Guardians of the Galaxy very much has our attention.

But should it have our money? Should we go see Marvel's latest superhero movie this weekend? A number of critics around the Internet have weighed in and here's a rundown of what they have to say...

The people who made this movie must have had a swell time in the process, and it's nice to see a summer epic that takes itself so unseriously. - Joe Morgenstern

The motley crew's repartee makes for comedy that's surprisingly consistent, yet freewheeling and sharp enough to pinball from Kevin Bacon to Jackson Pollock and back. - Tom Russo

If you're old enough to remember when sci-fi and comic books were fun, "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be your new favorite movie. If you're not, it will set a standard for everything you see. - Joe Williams

Nothing short of an infectiously fun, funny and highly entertaining blast to behold. - Jim Judy

What's more fun than a band of misfits joining forces to battle some ruthless interstellar bad guys? - Leonard Maltin

This swashbuckling space age romp treats saving the universe as just a bit of fun. Very refreshing and probably just as well. - Allan Hunter

Without being shackled to fanboy expectations of how iconic costumed characters should be depicted, filmmaker James Gunn ("Super") runs wild with the opportunity. - Jon Niccum

Entertaining in this or any galaxy. It's certainly the most fun I've had in a theater this year. - Gary Wolcott

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