Ferguson Cop Threatens to "F--king Kill" Protestor

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For over a week a now. protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michael Brown have been making international headlines.

Yesterday, President Obama issued a statement on the situation that somehow seemed to further enrage both sides of the conflict, and as the video below demonstrates, after 11 days of protests, tensions may be running higher than ever:

The clip clearly shows a police officer pointing a rifle at a non-violent protestor and shouting, "I'll f--king kill you."

The civilian asks to the officer's name only to be told, "Go f--k yourself."

Thankfully, another officer was able defuse the situation before it became violent.

The video - shot by an unknown protestor and uploaded to YouTube earlier today - is just the latest indication that there will be no easy resolution to the unrest in Ferguson, and the ordeal will likely continue to have national ramifications.

Darren Wilson has been identified as the officer who shot Brown, but it is not yet known what sort of punishment he'll receive. 

National debates on the incident were re-ignited yesterday, when surveillance footage of Brown that shows the 18-year-old stealing cigars from a convenient store was released online.

The theft of the cigars resulted in the shooting death of Brown, and both supporters and critics of the Ferguson police Department have claimed that the video supports their position.