Best Man Sings Original Version of "Let It Go," Wins Best Ever Wedding Speech

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Darn you, Frozen.

Every time we think we're over you, every time we believe we'll commit homicide if we ever hear another song or cover based on your soundtrack, the Internet proves us wrong.

First, there was this duet between a nurse and a cancer patient.

Then, the most adorable mother and daughter on the planet lip-synched to "Love Is an Open Door."

And now Joey Boyes has gone viral with his very own version of the classic "Let It Go," putting an original twist on the track and receiving a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of his wedding speech.

Now that is true friendship!

The only question remaining: Which wedding toast is better, this "Let It Go" cover or this bridemaids, who put on a hoodie and went full on Eminem for her speech?

Ponder that question as you take a look at these beautiful wedding photo GIFs: