Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 23 Recap: Is Jeanette the New Kelly Hyland?

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This week on Lifetime's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 23, Abby has two teams waiting in the studio and one of the moms starts pushing her buttons.

Abby ponders whether to take the elite or select team. Hmm. Abby says she's taken out the trash (Christy), and we're seeing a Loree vs. the moms rivalry.

MacKenzie, Chloe and Nia are on the bottom of the pyramid, with the second row comprised of Jade and Kendall. Maddie is back on top, everyone.

With a competition in Washington, D.C., on tap this week, the new moms are upstairs. Christi looks worried, believing this routine is designed for defeat.

The new moms and old moms, at odds with each other. If you watch Dance Moms online, you know this formula well. It's as old as life. Or time. Or Lifetime.

Are the new moms the villains? That's the vibe we get as Loree asks the new moms to lunch, but they aren't buying the whole "we're all friends" bit.

Jeanette, who is as ambitious as they come, looks like she's gearing up for a battle royale on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 23, with her girl's solo coming.

With four weeks until Nationals, Abby has her game face on. Tensions rise.

In D.C., Jeanette is being increasingly outspoken about Ava. She is totally the new Kelly Hyland, whether that's what she's going for here or not.

The solos are first with Maddie's "Happiness" number. Ava's mom, Jeanette, has gotten a different umbrella, which leads to a mishap, which Abby HATES.

Christi urges Jeanette to support Ava, but Jill warns that Jeanette will incur Abby's rage. Jeanette starts as soon as Abby arrives, defending her daughter.

When the girls enter, Ava is crying on her mother's lap. Abby lectures Ava.

The new team is up first, and Chloe proves a good leader. The old team is up next, and while the dance seems to not mesh with the music, they do well.

When it's time for the awards, Ava wins third. Maddie earns the title and first place. For the groups, first and second place are separated by one-tenth of a point.

The old team gets second; first goes to the new team with Chloe.

Abby tells the moms she thought the original team would win. Christi says it was to be expected. The girls enter and Abby appears happy, but that's deceiving.

Ava is criticized. Tea and Tami are to show up at the studio Monday - the only ones that is asked of. Jeanette is DONE with Abby and they leave. Until next week ...

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