Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison: Destined to Be Together, Her Mom Says

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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, who recently reconciled after separating in 2013, are destined to be together, according to her mom Krista Keller.

The infamous couple, who got married in 2011 when Stodden was 16 and Hutchison was 51, had been legally separated for nearly nine months.

Now, with Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison engaged a second time, her mom is speaking out about why they split, and what brought them back.

Courtney Stodden on Couples Therapy

“It was probably hard for Doug at times, [Courtney] still working with him, knowing that she’s dating other people and that type of thing,” Keller said.

But, if you love somebody, set them free, right? “Just recently, they just both really realized what they want is each other, they want to be together.”

Stodden, now 19, decided to try out single life after discovering some independence during her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

“She kind of was exploring being 19," says Keller, who is also the model's manager, "and just being alone and exploring the life of a 19 year old."

“It was a legal separation, and she started dating and started going out with different guys, and then she had someone to compare Doug to," Keller goes on.

In the end, though, all that did was make her see the light: "She really realized that she has a really great husband ... her first choice was her choice!”

Keller, who famously signed the form allowing her then-underage daughter to marry a man in his 50s, says she’s never doubted the actor, now 54.

“Doug was so gracious and said ‘I’m going to be a man here ... I’m going to let her explore and see if this is what she wants,’” Keller says of Hutchison.

The couple is currently living together again, and planning to renew their vows this year, only “This time she doesn’t need my signature!” Keller jokes.

No, Doug, you are in the clear now, friend:

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