Chris Brown Passes Drug Tests, Receives Glowing Probation Report (No Joke)

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Chris Brown's been partying like a man possessed these days, but that has not stopped the R&B star from receiving a glowing report on his probation.

Yes, we just used "Chris Brown" and "glowing report" in the same sentence.

Brown's partying has been legendary since he was let out of jail earlier this summer, but he's been a model citizen as far as the judge is concerned.

Although, we suppose when your definition of partying is going hard with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, you probably go home pretty early. Curfews.

Anyway, this would be the judge overseeing the 2009 Rihanna assault case, for which the 25-year-old is still on probation through the end of this year.

Even a minor slip-up could get him in trouble with the cops or him to jail - as we've seen, plenty of times since 2009 - but he had nothing to worry about.

Chris' Wednesday court date saw him receive praise from all parties; his random drug tests were negative and his therapy sessions were attended.

As a result, the judge even agreed to scale back the number of drug tests he must submit to each week from three to two. Let's hear it for baby steps!

Pretty impressive for a guy whose behind had to be carried out of a club back in June and who was throwing up gang signs in another hot spot in July.

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