Chris Soules: The Hottest Bachelor EVER?!

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All stars of The Bachelor are, by definition, fairly good looking individuals.

But Iowa farmer Chris Soules, a man's man with a million-dollar smile and winning personality to go with his handsome features, may take the cake.

Chris Soules: Hottest Bachelor Yet?

Just look at this photo of him from the Iowa State Fair. We rest our case.

Even if he wasn't your first choice, now that the 32-year-old is confirmed as The Bachelor, there's no denying that he brings a certain X factor to the role.

Not only is Chris Soules easy on the eyes, viewers and contestants alike know exactly where they stand, as he's there looking for a lifelong companion.

Yes, as The Bachelor, this is inherent ... to a point. Read: Juan Pablo Galavis.

Sometimes, the franchise's stars bring an element of mystery, and things don't work out as you'd expect. With Chris, you pretty much know he'll be great.

A manly man who's also intelligent and chivalrous? The whole package.

Maybe moving to Northeast Iowa isn't for everyone (Andi Dorfman), but when Chris Soules lives there, we're guessing more than a few women would think about it.

Combining his obvious physical attributes with this man's genuinely sweet personality, gentlemanly ways and humility about being the star of the show?

Hopefully Chris hasn't already peaked, because he's rating awfully high.

Who is totally counting down the weeks until Chris' Bachelor debut in January? Or hoping to see a promo for it when they watch Bachelor in Paradise?

Okay, maybe that last part is just us. We do sit through that, but only so you don't have to, people. And a teaser for The Bachelor can't be too far off.

He's basically the anti-Juan Pablo. That we've established. But where does Chris rank among the hottest Bachelor stars of all time? You decide below!

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