Jesse Helt, Miley Cyrus VMA Date, Turns Himself in to Police

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Jesse Helt is no longer a wanted man.

The 22-year old homeless man (who may not actually be homeless) accompanied Miley Cyrus to the Video Music Awards and gave a speech on her behalf last Sunday night, one meant to bring attention to the issue of poverty.

But controversy has swirled around Helt ever since, most notably due to multiple warrants being out for his arrest.

Now, insiders confirm that Helt has turned himself in to Oregon police.

Helt was booked at the Polk County Jail and then posted $2,500 bail. He was responding to a three-year-old warrant out that sought his arrest due a parole violation.

According to authorities, Helt had previously pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and criminal mischief after breaking into the residence of a man who had allegedly sold some bad marijuana.

He then subsequently - and continually - violated his probation, failing to take obligatory drug tests and/or report to his probation officer.

He also (illegally) moved to to Los Angeles to try and make it as a model.

Earlier this week, after receiving flak for exploiting homelessness and for not realizing all the issues associated with Helt, Miley responded to criticism by blaming the media for focusing on the wrong problem.

She addressed journalists via the following Tweet:

"You've chosen to go after Jesse instead of covering the issue of homelessness...While they obsesses [sic] over one mans legal issues, lets help the other 1 million homeless youth."

Cyrus and Helt have helped raised over $200,000 for a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

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