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For Breckin Meyer, it’s not alright. Because Dustin Diamond said some effed up stuff about Saved by the Bell.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Meyer and Franklin & Bash co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar were asked about Diamond, who wrote a scathing memoir in 2009 titled "Behind the Bell" that chronicled drug use and lots of sex on the Saved by the Bell set back in the day.

And while Gosselaar was mostly diplomatic about his former colleague – simply wondering why Diamond has been so “negative” toward the show when his memories are all “positive” – Meyer WENT OFF on the actor.

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"This guy’s such a d–k," Meyer said of Diamond. "I don’t know Dustin at all, but everything I read… the Dustin Diamond thing is just so silly. It’s just so negative and it always bums me out."


Meyer went on, speaking of other Saved by the Bell alums:

"I know Elizabeth [Berkley] and Tiffani [Thiessen] and Mario [Lopez] and everyone has nothing but like awesome [things] to say about that except for Dustin. I’m like, ‘That might be you, bro.’"

A Saved by the Bell movie based on Diamond’s book is in the works. It will air on Lifetime, though we doubt Meyer or Gosselaar will tune in for it.

Meyer, meanwhile, also chimed in on the infamously disturbing Dustin Diamond sex tape, questioning the validity of certain parts.

Or of one part in particular, really.

"He’s so full of sh-t, like his sex tape… you saw it!" Meyer exclaimed. "That’s not him! Screech is not packing that. Get the hell out of here. He doesn’t have six Beldings beneath him. There’s no f-cking way. You’re full of sh-t, Dustin."

We can’t wait for Diamond’s response. We just hope he keeps his clothes on for it.