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Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 3 brought us more quality television from the ATL last night, and the drama was off the CHAIN for the former gold diggers.

Christina’s attempted to bring peace to the group in the aftermath of Tameka’s event, while Sheree met with Monica to learn just what Tameka said about her.

You don’t have to watch Atlanta Exes online to know that this was a recipe for disaster and that the insults came fast and came furiously on this night.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining to see play out!

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Alliances are starting to form, which means UGLY.

Monica tells Sheree that Tameka Foster thinks Sheree slept with Usher, with whom she has two kids. Sheree denies it, but with a lot of side stepping.

Christina, on a date with her new man Willie, laments that she can’t have any more children. Great second date dinner conversation topic right there.

Sheree invites Monyetta Shaw over to discuss Monyetta’s current situation with Ne-Yo, who had her ex’s “government name” tattooed on her body.

That’s always the best way to make sure love lasts.


Meanwhile, Christina tries to move forward with Tameka over to see how they can all move forward. She really wants to settle this, it seems, and peacefully.

Tameka does not have interest in any such thing.

Monyetta and Christina bond, with the latter offering an empathetic shoulder to cry on, because for Shaw, unlike others, the emotions are still raw.

This could not be contrasted more than in the ensuing scene on Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 3, featuring Torrei and Sheree, the big-time over-sharers.

Sheree tells Torrei all about what Monica said and how Tameka should have come to Sheree to talk about it first. As they talk about it sans Tameka, natch.

Sheree denies banging Usher once again.

As predicted, everything gets chaotic when they meet up at Christina’s. Tameka Foster can barely hide her seething rage when Torrei and Sheree arrive.

She accuses Torrei of being ratchet and coming with “bad energy.” Torrei offers her own harsh words. Things escalate and only get worse from there.

Case in point? Torrei Hart actually told her to “Kill yourself.” There’s not often a point where you can go back if your relationship has reached this stage.