6-Year Old Misspells Cinnamon, Believes “Semen” Smells Good

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Kids often say the darndest things.

Like "F-CK!" after being doused with water as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

They also write the darndest things, as evidenced by the following spelling mistake made by a six-year old in Great Britain.

Not only did this misguided young man believe “cinnamon” is spelled “semen,” but he also circled that it smells “good.”

Fortunately for the Internet, this toddler skipped the following question, which asked for more details about the word in question and which likely could have led to some very inappropriate jokes.

Semen Smells Good

Don't worry, though, anonymous little guy.

Many other kids have made similarly uproarious spelling mistakes, starting with the girl who loves her WHORE family. Hey, no judgments here...

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