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This little girl is doing her part for ALS awareness and fundraising.

She’s also doing what she can to put a smile on the public’s face.

Watching her sit in adorable little chair, talk in her precious accent, then tell her assistant calmly to "go," you would never guess what was about to transpire.

Watch her reaction after the fact, it’s one for the ages …

Little Kid Swears After Ice Bucket Challenge

So awesome, and quite similar to the Britney Spears Ice Bucket Challenge video, only her f-bomb was just barely cut off after she reacted in abject horror.

Sometimes, the icy shock of freezing cold water dumped on you is just too intense NOT to cause a visceral response, even if you know it’s coming.

Or, in the case of the Courtney Stodden Ice Bucket Challenge video, when you’re expecting ice but get doused in molten chocolate instead. That’ll do it too!

Those and other classic ALS IBC videos right here: