Zayn Malik Tweets Support of Palestine, Receives Death Threats Online

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Yesterday, Liam Payne (sort of) went full frontal on Instagram.

Today, fellow One Direction member Zayn Malik made even more waves online; not by taking his clothes off, but by showing support for Palestine in its endless bloody conflict with Israel.

Like others such as Rihanna have done before him, Malik Tweeted #FreePalestine yesterday evening, taking a controversial stance in a war that continues to claim more and more lives each day.

Unlike Rihanna, however, Malik did not delete the Tweet as soon as backlash arose.

Zayn Malik Tweet
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And that backlash surely has arisen.

"Are you still alive?  You should be dead by now and kill yourself,” wrote one following, while another based in Israel added:

"U have fans in #Israel.  It broke me that one of my idols wand (sic) me to die."

Do you agree with Malik's viewpoint? Admire him for at least taking one?

Ponder this challenging issue while you relive past instances of celebrities going all political... and then regretting it:

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