Nina Dobrev and Ben McKenzie: Dating?!

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Now that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are dating, it's time for Nina Dobrev to move on from her on-again, off-again boyfriend of nearly three years.

This being Hollywood, however, Nina can't just quietly date some dude if she wants to stick it to her ex. She's gotta do what Ian did: hook up with some D-lister from The O.C., and make sure the whole world knows about it.

Nina and Ben McKenzie  - who played Ryan Atwood on the once-buzzed-about Fox series - attended Comic Con together over the weekend and they were spotted getting close outside the San Diego Convention Center.

Nina Dobrev and Ben McKenzie

That may look like a platonic goodbye, but after sharing a few prolonged hugs, Nina and Ben hopped into a cab and took off together.

Were they headed to dinner? A bar? A hotel room? We don't know, but if Nina's goal was to mess with Ian's head, we're guessing it's mission accomplished.

And who could blame her?

Ian and Nina carefully kept their relationship on the down low for years, but Ian and Nikki are flaunting their relationship on Twtitter after just weeks of hooking up.

Couple that with the fact that Nina and Nikki have been romantic rivals for years - having both hooked up with Derek Hough in the past - and it's not hard to see why Nina might be eager to send a subtle message that she's doing just fine.

At this point, neither Nina nor Ben have commented on the rumors that they're dating.

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