WHOA! Hunting Dog Rescues Baby Bird from Drowning

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Feeling down today? In shock Tatiana Maslany was not among the 2014 Emmy nominations? Depressed over the impending Ryan Gosling baby?

Jack has your back.

This hunting dog, who recently went out into the woods with his owner Rick, came across a drowning baby bird in the middle of the lake... so Jack jumped in, snatched up the young animal in his mouth and swam him ashore to safety.

And, thankfully for us, Rick captured the amazing rescue on camera:

"I hunt with my dog, but it was really cool to see that he knew the difference between a bird in distress and a bird that he is hunting," Rick wrote on the video's YouTube page.

Following the rescue, Rick says he was able to place the baby bird back in its nest with its siblings.

He then watched the mother fly back to take care of them. Three days later, all the birds remain in the nest, thriving.

Pretty awesome, huh? Sometimes people rescue dogs and sometimes dogs rescue other animals. It's the inspiring circle of life.

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