True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: Messing with Texas

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If True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 wasn't the worst hour in the history of television, it was at the very least the worst hour in the history of this HBO drama.

It was horribly boring, nothing much happened, what did happened didn't make much sense, oh... and Lettie Mae is somehow still around!

Seriously, we never thought we'd be pushing for the return of Tara, but her mother is actually a million times more annoying. That's an impressive/awful feat to pull off.

Willa vs. Eric

What else made this episode so incredibly horrible?

Lafayette and James hooked up. First, this had been telegraphed for weeks. Second... WHO CARES?!? True Blood skipped ahead 6 months last year, giving us no time at all to actually see James and Jess in a relationship.

So why does anyone care about their fate? Yes, sure, Lafayette deserves happiness. That's still no excuse for cheating and his speech would have had more impact if it didn't come 30 seconds after he had been caught.

Jess and Jason had sex. This was hot, we'll give em that. It also sort of came out of nowhere and has Violet all angry. She's another character who hasn't been developed in any kind of way.

Bill had flashbacks. This is the true sign that writers are out of ideas. Each week features some big flashback that has nothing to do with anything at all.

Flashbacks are a useful device when we're first getting to know characters. They are nothing but filler during a final season that should be building stakes and keeping us on the edges of our seats. Did anyone feel that way while hearkening back to Bill's human days? Come on.

Bill is infected. Talk about coming out of nowhere. They want us asking questions about how this came to be and whether Eric and Bill will actually live, but they will. Is there really any drama here?

Eric and Pam went to Dallas. They found Sarah Newlin, but then Eric let her go in the same of a couple major killing snad.... snoooze. Everything is just boring and played out these days.

Not even Pam's typically winning lines (She's a "Republi-cunt") can save True Blood Season 7.

As the final episodes tick down, what did everyone else think?

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