Rob Kardashian Tweets Reference to Son, Quickly Takes It Back

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We may be hearing less and less from Rob Kardashian these days. 

But the sock mogul still found a way to get our attention this weekend.

"Happy I got my son with me for the 4th tomorrow!!" Rob Tweeted late Thursday. "Can't wait to watch fireworks with my little man! Hope everyone is safe!

Wait... what?!?

After letting followers react in shock to the news, Rob deleted the original post and added a new one that said he was just kidding.

"Those who know me know I play and I do NOT have a son," the reluctant Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrote. "Y'all got my mama emailing me asking if I have a son lol goodness hahaha. GOODnight."

Well played... we guess?

Rob, of course, has stayed out of the spotlight over the last few weeks, ever since leaving Europe prior to sister Kim Kardashian getting married to Kanye West on May 24.

Is he suffering from chronic weight problems? Is he fighting with his family? Is he hooked on Sizzurp and weed?

No one seems to know. But, hey, at least his sense of humor is intact!

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