Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Lies and Whispers

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With just a few words, Spencer summed up Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 pretty well last night:

This is about lies and whispered conversations that stop when someone walks into a room.

The installment largely centered on Aria volunteering at Radley, helping out during art class and slipping Bethany’s drawing into a pile of prints.

It instantly grabbed the attention of a patient named Rhonda, who turned out to be Bethany’s roommate and who claimed it to be hers. 

Later on, Aria snuck into the her room, only to have her investigation cut short when Rhonda came back, prompting Aria to scramble and hide under a bed... which just happened to be Rhonda’s! Oops!

Fortunately, Aria found Bethany’s sketchbook in that same spot, took it and managed to get out, running into Eddie on the way.

She then heads to Spencer’s place, where they go over the drawings and Aria asks Spencer if Ezra said anything about her. (Priorities, people!)

The girls end up putting together that Bethany may have been the “fragile patient” and also on the Radley roof the evening Toby’s mother died.

ELSEWHERE, Emily’s mom invited Alison and the other Liars to dinner and actually offered to listen to their problems.

The meal consisted of Emily, Alison and Hanna and conversation that focused on the lack of “bad luck” discount on their windows, along with Alison blaming herself for being kidnapped.

Emily’s mom later admits to trying to play matchmaker for her child and Alison and then confirms Hanna’s comment about not believing Alison’s story.

What about Haleb this week? Hanna runs into Caleb reading Swamp Thing and finds out he’s there to take his high school exit exams (“If they ask me who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I’ll say Daniel Day-Lewis,” he says.).

But “algebra and civics don’t mean a thing in the real world” he later tells Hanna after talking out of the test - and she proceeds to kick him out.

Have no worries, however: Hanna can't bring herself to admit Caleb was a mistake and they do eventually make out. Hooray!!!!!

FINALLY, Spencer helps Ezra move his research to his pal’s shed and these two they bond over past mistakes (“Families can be hard”), along with how they each made things worse.

Spencer nabs one of Ezra’s cameras to spy on the barn because she still doesn’t trust Melissa - or her dad, for that matter.

Eventually, this piece of equipment picks up not just footage of Melissa walking into it the barn… but Alison walking by it. Spencer mentions it she and Aria are at Emily’s house and Emily point out that Alison is not dressed the way she was at dinner.

Hmmm.... Aria then adds that Ezra told her how Eddie called and asked to meet, but never showed up. That’s when A sends them a text. It blames “Hanna’s big mouth."

Go watch Pretty Little Liars online if you need to catch up and sound off: What did you think of this outing?

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