Pilot of Delayed Flight Orders Pizza for Everyone on Board

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The pilot of a diverted Frontier Airlines plane is officially The Man.

According to a Fox affiliate in Denver, the unnamed captain called a Domino’s in Cheyenne, Wyoming after a flight from Washington to Denver had to make an unplanned stop due to bad weather at its destination.

He then ordered pizzas for his crew and all 160 passengers on board.

We took them up to the front desk at the airport and they escorted our driver to the back and they handed the pizzas directly to the flight attendants," says Domino's manager Andy Ritchie.

Frontier Plane

The plane had been on the runway for two hours when the pilot made his purchase.

As one passengers told Fox:

"He said, 'Ladies and gentlemen, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the US, but your captain is not cheap. I just ordered pizza for the entire plane."

This is SO much better than a dog pooping on your plane.