Madonna: Naked on Instagram, Still Desperate for Attention

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Brace yourselves, everyone: Madonna turned to the Internet to try and feed her insatiable hunger for attention again, and you'll never guess what method she used this time!

Madonna Nude Selfie

That's right - gratuitous nudity! Madge posted the above photo with a caption reading "getting ready for summer fun! #itshotinhere #unapologeticb-tch

We're not sure what's worse, the fact that Madonna is still getting ready for summer on July 17 or the fact that she's posting naked selfies with hashtags like "#unapologeticb-tch" at 55 freakin' years old.

Don't get us wrong - we're not saying Madonna should cover up because of her age. Elle MacPherson posted a bikini photo today and she looks better than ever at 50. The problem with Madonna is her reasoning for posting photos like the eye-gouger above:

Her desperate need to have people look at her may have been cute in the 80s, 90s, and even the early part of the 2000s, but Madonna refuses to concede that she's had her time in the spotlight and age gracefully in the manner that you might expect from a mother of four who's creeping up on 60.

A recent naked Madonna selfie revealed a plastic surgery scar, causing her intended celebration of youthful spontaneity to become a sad reminder that the former Queen Pop is fighting the natural aging process tooth and nail. 

Since then she's posted several more revealing photos, each time no doubt drinking in the faint praise like an elixir of youth.

Take note, Lady Gaga: if, 25 years from now, you feel like posting a naked selfie, by all means, do it! Just don't make it, like, your thing.

Update: We've been informed that this is actually a photo from the 90s that Madonna simply re-posted to her Instagram page recently. The fact that the pic was posted on a Thursday perhaps should've tipped us off that it was a "throwback," but unlike Madonna, we have trouble keeping up with kids these days and their new-fangled trends. 

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