Elle MacPherson Bikini Photo Stuns Twitter: How is She 50?!

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Elle MacPherson has been a supermodel since before the term existed, and as she proved in her latest TwitPic, at 50 she's looking fit as ever.

Elle MacPherson Bikini Photo

Yes, 50. The photo serves as a welcome contrast to the Lindsay Lohan bikini pics from yesterday that showed the 28-year-old "actress" looking boozy and bloated in an ill-fitting two-piece.

In a way, Elle is sort of the anti-Lindsay, and not just because she looks better in a bikini.

Unlike LiLo and, in fact, most of the starlets to crop up over the past 30 years, Elle's career has lasted decades longer than anyone could've guessed and she remains a picture of class, dignity, and, yes, hotness well into middle age.

There are other stars, of course, who have surprised us with how well they've aged.

For example, Elle's fellow 50-year-old Courtney Love posted a swimsuit photo recently, and looked far better than we ever would've guessed. (Of course, "above ground" is better than we expected Mrs. Cobain to look at this point, but that's another story.)

What's amazing about MacPherson, is that she hasn't embarked on any sort of comeback; she's simply looked great at every stage of her career without ever going under the knife.

Just last year, Elle posed nude for Harper's Bazaar to pay tribute to her Playboy spread from 1994, and it's genuinely hard to decide which pictorial looks better.

And that, friends, is how you put the "super" in supermodel.

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