Lady Gaga Weight Gain Draws Harsh Criticism From Fans

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Lady Gaga is as well known for her revealing stage attire for her as she is for her music, but a number of "fans" who have caught the pop diva's act on her current tour claim they're seeing more of the Mother Monster than they bargained for.

Gaga has joked about her fluctuating weight in the past, as tabloids have always been quick to point out when she packs on a few pounds.

But judging from Twitter, Instagram, and even the comment boards on Gaga fan sites, there are many on the Internet who find nothing funny about Gaga's slightly curvier look.

"I'm surprised anyone comes to her shows," wrote one commenter. "Who would want to be subjected to/watch an overweight unattractive performer. Yuck."

Sadly, a number hateful critiques like that can be found on many of the photos from Gaga's Artpop tour.

Gaga's been uncharacteristically silent on the subject, and has yet to publicly respond to the harsh insults scattered about the Internet.

We hope she's preparing an epic rebuttal, but it's possible she'll choose to sit this one out, so as to avoid feeding the trolls.

Frankly, we think Gaga looks better than ever these days, and we hope she continues sporting next to nothing on stage for many years to come. 

Grow up, Internet. If you really need to scrutinize something, there are plenty of Lady Gaga nip slip photos to keep you busy.

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