Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Talk Fifty Shades of Grey, Sexual Acrobatics

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If you're still blushing from watching yesterday's first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson know where you're coming from.

They filmed all of those sexy moments, after all ... and it wasn't easy.

In a Today interview that followed the morning show's PTC-criticized 50 Shades unveiling, the stars dished on the "sexual acrobatics" required.

"The reality of it," said Dornan, is much different.

It may look sensual, but "there's a burly man you don't know very well three feet from your face ... which isn't how you usually have sex, [not] me, anyway."

Dakota Johnson deadpanned, "I do, a lot."

She kids, but "it's more about visually what our bodies look like and what we're doing," she clarified, "so it's more of like a dance. It's like acrobatics."

"Sexual acrobatics," Dornan laughed.

Those hot Fifty Shades sex scenes won't disappoint, at least according to the first trailer, which was so steamy it had to be edited down by NBC.

It also earned a sharp rebuke from parenting groups decrying the project for glorifying sexual violence and porn, so that's either a good or a bad thing.

It's a victory as far as E.L. James, who created Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele sees it, as it certainly remains true to the source material.

The hit erotic novel's author told Today of the trailer: "What I've seen hasn't been particularly watered down, so, um, yeah ... I thought it was interesting!"

Interesting is one word for it ...

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