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It’s been 18 years since Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum (with help from Randy Quaid) saved the world from aliens in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, a film which has grossed more than $800 million worldwide.

With talks of a sequel in the works, and with several of the original film’s principal cast set to reprise their roles, we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane to see where the cast of Independence Day is now.

Will Smith, of course, has gone on to great success in his post-pilot days, earning two Oscar nominations and making headlines for his daughter Willow Smith’s behavior.


Bill Pullman, meanwhile, really, really loves playing Presidents.

His First Lady, Mary McDonnell, was most recently the first lady of the major crimes unit on TNT’s Major Crimes, a spinoff of The Closer. (Which featured Kyra Sedgwick… which probably means Mary McDonnell has met Kevin Bacon.)

Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch also found new roles among the crime dramas, appearing in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Numb3rs, respectively.

Of the principal cast, the only one who hasn’t found fame, or infamy (looking at you crazy pants Randy Quaid) is Ross Bagley, who played Vivica A. Fox’s son Dylan. He’s now a student at California State University.

Not shabby still. Maybe even healthy for the kid.