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This week on TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, we learn that Alana has started “dating” for the first time. Kids. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

In her case, WOW is that fast.

How does Mama June Shannon, herself a mother at an extremely young age (she’s 34 and one of her kids has already gotten engaged) feel about it?

Sugar Bear and the girls are more than willing to be alone, as we’ve seen, so after Anna and Kaitlyn moved out of the house, family time is sparse.

No longer. Alana is the only one left who’s willing to hang out with her mom, which she won’t tolerate and organizes a major forced family fun endeavor.

After Alana makes breakfast (only June comes), they paint pottery (Pumpkin causes a scene) and game night fails epically, June brings ’em all four-wheeling.

Now old enough to ride in her own vehicle, Alana gets stuck in the mud, until lo and behold, her first-ever boyfriend comes to rescue her (in full camo).

From a failed game night to rescued by a redneck night in muddy armor, so to speak, Alana was smitten … or at least the family teased her as such.

Love at first sight. Brings a tear to your eye. And to Kate Gosselin‘s, as this show is somehow airing new episodes while she gets only a two-hour special.