Woman Asks Siri to Call Boyfriend, Two-Timing Ways Inadvertently Exposed

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Sometimes, Siri can help with directions, errands and hands-free tasks.

Other times, Apple's infamous virtual assistant outs you as a cheater.

According to one Reddit user, that's what happened here when the girlfriend decided to "show him something awesome Siri can do." This backfired unexpectedly.

No word if she took the screen shot before or after they broke up.

Siri BF

Could be an ex, we realize ... but why is his name still in there?

Moreover, why is he still listed as boyfriend? Makes you think!

No word on whether iOS added full support for polyamorous relationship structures in version 7, or if Siri is being a smartass with her use of quotation marks.

"Boyfriend" kind of reads like that, intentionally or not ... and it wouldn't be the first time Siri was kind of a dick on top of being just plain unhelpful.

See below, and hope for a revamped Siri on the iPhone 6.

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