George R.R. Martin at Comic Con: I Like Boobies, Not Weenies!

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There were a lot of interesting moments at Comic Con 2014, held this past weekend in San Diego. We're sure for many fans, just the opportunity to get the first glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was worth the price of admission.

But while Gadot's hotness reigned supreme at the Batman vs. Superman panel, it was surely Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin who provided the bulk of this year's highlights. 

First, the George R.R. Martin Khaleesi photo took the Internet by storm and proved and that the man responsible for Theon Greyjoy having his peen lopped off has a sense of humor after all.

Speaking of wangs, it got even better from there. Check out this interview that Martin gave on the red carpet:

Yes, the revered author responsible for one of the most popular literary works of our time thinks it's important that you know he prefers boobies to weenies.

In case you also missed the episode, here's animated GRRM conducting his version of the GoT theme song:

Frankly, we think HBO has done a pretty good job of staying true to Martin's vision. GoT features far more boobies than weiners, and nothing violent ever happens to the former.

Although that scene with Hodor's comically massive schlong may be enough to earn the show the title of "most ween-centric series of all time"

Don't forget to watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to calculate the boobies versus weiners ratio for yourself. It's important work, people!

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