Fox Reporter Ogles Bikini-Clad Reporter, Acts Like a Buffoon

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In the simplest of terms, Greg Kelly is a moron.

During a live broadcast earlier this week, the Good Day New York anchor was speaking with reporter Anne Gilligan, who was on the scene at a water park in New Jersey.

Gilligan donned a bathing suit for the segment, which featured her swinging from a rope and jumping into the water before grabbing the microphone and talking about the venue.

And Kelly - who was accused of rape in early 2012 - just couldn’t get over it. A WOMAN IN A BIKINI! OMG! STOP THE PRESSES!

He complimented Gilligan's outfit. He complained when she said she was gonna go change. He whined when the camera cut away from her.

"I just want to talk to her a little while longer," the neanderthal said toward the end of the end of the bit.

Watch Kelly make a fool of himself now:

Seriously, how does this man still have a job?

At least the following videos and stories are awkward and/or hilarious and/or awkwardly hilarious. They aren't sexist.