Dogs Play Fetch in Wheelchairs, Have Time of Their Lives

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It really only takes one thing to make a dog happy: love.

That much was made clear this week when we reported on a deaf, formerly abused canine... who has been adopted and is now so happy that he wags his tail in his sleep.

And now Gritta Götz is offering up some more adorable proof.

She runs an animal sanctuary in Lanzenhainer, Germany for “more than two dozen formerly-unwanted dogs,” as she tells The Dodo. And eight of these pets are bound to wheelchairs.

But that does mean they can't happily chase a stick and live exciting lives? No, it clearly does not:

Dogs Play Fetch in Wheelchairs
Fun in Wheelchairs!

We all can learn a lot from these animals.

It's just a question of appreciating what we have and all those around us.

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