Baby and Pit Bull Snuggle Up, Are Adorable Best Friends

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In February, we shared the story of Beau and Theo, a baby and a puppy who take naps together every single day.

Now, it's time to meet Eisleigh and Clyde, an eight-week old girl and 10-week old pit bull who are giving Beau and Theo a run for their adorable money.

These North Carolina residents belong to a 25-year old named Brandi Hodges and her fiancé, Madison Hatton, who have been sharing photos of the cute young pals on Instagram.

And melting the Internet into tiny little pieces with each and every one. Keep quiet to let these two nap and check out their precious pictures now:

This isn't the only example of babies and puppies getting along, of course.

It's merely the latest.

Scroll through 11 examples of small humans and small dogs acting like close, cute pals below:

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