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Step aside, Valeria Lukyanova. There’s a new Human Barbie in town, and this one claims to be different … even if both hail from Odessa in the Ukraine.

Seriously, they do. Apparently Valeria and Alina Kovalevskaya were friends once, too, but no longer are. It’s unclear exactly why they had a falling out.

Maybe there’s only room for one “Human Barbie” in their minds. Perhaps it was a fight over Human Ken, Justin Jedlica (no). Or they just didn’t click.

Who can say … but Alina Kovalevskaya says she is nothing like Valeria. She’s never had plastic surgery, she says, to alter her appearance in any way.

The saucer-like eyes, insanely long hair and skin so pale that it’s never been touched by the sun (ever, she says) may conjure up images of Valeria Lukyanova.

But that’s where the similarities end, she swears! She’s had no enhancements or surgical alterations, despite a look that is both plastic and disproportionate.

They are, after all, trying to emulate a DOLL.

Sure, she thrives on food deprivation, excessive photo filters, contact lenses to make one’s eyes look bigger and other things one would likely not consider “natural.”

But hey. No knives were involved. Got it??!

Here’s a look at Alina’s rival, Valeria, below. Scroll through both galleries, tell us who you think is prettier … or whether both are just deranged human beings: