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Fortunate Spoiler Alert: The following story has a happy ending.

But it had a tragic, infuriating start.

Shannon Bettencourt tells KNTV that she was walking home from work on July 3 in Northern California when she happened upon an abandoned dog left on the side of the road.

It had the words “I need a home” written across its face and “Free” etched on her body in permanent marker.

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“I was heartbroken,” Bettencourt told the local news. “Nobody wants to see an animal like that ever.”


Bettencourt wrote on Facebook that the puppy had fleas, but knew all of its basic commands and she decided to keep the canine for a night.

But one night turned into two… which turned into three… and now the dog has a permanent home with Bettencourt.

“It was actually kind of a blessing in disguise, even though it was very sad to start with,” Shannon told KTVU. “Somebody just kind of treated her like trash but she ended up being my treasure.”

This isn’t the first inspiring dog rescue story we’ve heard this week, but you can never hear too many, right? Well done, Shannon.