12 Dogs Who Lay on a Guilt Trip Worse Than Your Mother-in-Law

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How do dogs make us feel guilty? By being the cutest animals ever! 

Consider these cases in point.

1. Sad Golden Retriever

Sad Golden Retriever
Studies have proven that it is physically impossible for human beings to say no to a dog when it makes this face.

2. Depressed on a Chair

Depressed on a Chair
You're breaking our hearts, dog! Okay, okay. We'll go outside and play!

3. See That Ball?

See That Ball?
You do see that ball behind me, right? And this face in front of you?

4. Total. Guilt. Trip.

Total. Guilt. Trip.
Hey, I'm old and tired and I may die one of these years. But you just go see a movie without me, no problem.

5. Can I Have Another?

Can I Have Another?
Play kind sir, may I have another? I am being so very, very good.

6. Turn This Car Around!

Turn This Car Around!
You're taking me where?!? Okay, sure. Just don't feel guilty or anything.

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