24 Live Another Day Finale Recap: Off With His Head!

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We all know how much Jack Bauer loves to chop off people's heads.

It was one of the most stunning acts in 24 history, back in Season 2, when Jack cut off an enemy's noggin in order to help with his undercover mission for CTU.

But this defeated former agent took no real pleasure in executing moral enemy Cheng on last night's 24: Live Another Day finale; that's because Cheng had already won the duo's battle.

His henchman had killed Audrey.

Yes, Jack's final love, his one reason to go on, became the latest woman to meet her demise on the final.

Wife Teri died to conclude Season 1. Audrey was later tortured. Renee Walker was killed off. And now Audrey has joined her.

We get it, of course: no one is safe on 24. Jack Bauer is lone wolf. He's beaten down and destroyed and only has his country left to save.

But still. Can't we give the guy a break sometimes? The tiniest shred of hope?

Instead, after getting to Cheng and proving to the Chinese that he was behind their destroyed sub, Jack then traded his life for Chloe's, who had been kidnapped by the Russians.

He almost did smile when getting on that helicopter, secure in the knowledge that at least he saved his "best friend." And, heck, does Jack even care what happens to him at this point? He has no reason to want to go on living.

The only thing more heartbreaking than Jack's reaction to Audrey's death (probably Kiefer Sutherland's best-ever work on 24) was that of President Heller. Due to his disease, he'll never even remember his daughter.

Some may say that is a good thing in the end, but what a devastating thought. As he deals with Alzheimer's, Heller won't even have the comfort of his daughter, or his daughter's memory, to keep him company.

So, yeah. Not exactly an uplifting hour of television.

Will FOX bring 24 back again? No decision has been reached. These 12 episodes were a lot tighter than past seasons, however, and it's hard to believe that loyal fans won't jump back in for another round of Jack Bauer.

We just need to wonder: What else can they do to the guy?!?

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