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Despite dragging audiences through the most painfully TMI reality show in the history of ever, Tori Speling and Dean McDermott’s marriage seemed to be on the mend recently.

In her latest interview Tori claimed her marriage “was heading in the right direction,” and why shouldn’t it be? 

After all, the prevailing theory is that Tori and Dean faked his affair with Emily Goodhand in order to secure big-time ratings for True Tori (it didn’t work), so now that their reality trainwreck has wrapped up, they can get back to being a normal couple, right?

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Well, if Tori’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are any indication, these two still have some issues to sort out…


Before yesterday, Tori went by “Tori and Dean” online, and the couple shared all their social media accounts.

The situation appeared to work for them until Tori abruptly changed all their social network names to simply, “Tori Spelling,” without any explanation.

Naturally, Tori’s reps are scrambling to justify the switch, claiming that Tori plans to use the account to promote upcoming projects now that she’s returned to actual acting (not the kind of acting she did on True Tori).

Right…Because if we know anything about Tori Spelling it’s that she would never do anything to try and subtly grab the Internet’s attention. This girl hates the spotlight and doesn’t want anyone prying into her personal life. 

Hey, did we mention she pretended her husband cheated on her for attention? Because she totally did: