The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Merry Frickin Christmas!!

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It was Christmas come early, or late, last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The gift under Heather Dubrow's holiday tree? An ambush at Shannon Beador's Christmas party. 

She probably didn't have that on her Hanukkah list at all, but that's certainly what she got, and right on the heels of some good news, too. 

Just what went down at the Beador Bash? Keep reading for a full The Real Housewives of Orange County recap.

Once again, Bravo begins this episode splitting time between Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador and the goings-on in their lives.

While Shannon preps her home for their annual Christmas party, the time for Heather Dubrow's Hawaii Five-0 guest appearance episode to air has finally arrived.

She's busy doing a "publicity tour" for her appearance while Shannon's busy bossing around a team of florists and her husband.

After appearing on Good Day LA, Heather gets an offer she cannot refuse: co-host the morning show while the regular anchor is out on maternity leave. She's been on to guest host in the past and they love her and want her around. She wants to get back on people's televisions.


Tamra and Ryan go back to Dr. Lee to discuss the results of her testosterone replacement therapy regimen and Ryan's bloodwork. 

Tamra's doing great! No weird facial hair and she doesn't have a penis! Ryan, however, is suffering some side effects as a result of his parking lot HCG.

He's 28 years old and at risk for a "major coronary event." There's also a chance he has an iron condition that will require weekly blood draining at a doctor's office for the rest of his life. Tamra is worried about Ryan's health. Eddie just wants her to put the vegetables in the oven because he's almost finished browning the ground turkey.

Finally, it's party time! 

Shannon continues barking orders at, well, everyone. And she's irritated that David's drinking tequila before the party begins. If we were David, we would probably have to drink tequila too.

The party guests begin to arrive and when Heather and rterry get there, they pull Tamra and Eddie aside. Heather's first act as co-host of Good Day LA was to pitch bring CUT Fitness onto the show for a promotional slot advertising the gym and their services.

Eddie is jazzed! Until Tamra says she's still hurt that during a guest co-hosting spot Heather promoted her own gym, Orange Theory. Heather tries to explain that her hands were pretty tied there. The other gym had a relationship with the network and Heather was just doing a job she was, presumably, being paid to do.

Tamra's not buying it. Heather should've refused to do it. If she were a friend she wouldn't have done it. 

Eddie squashes the argument with a man growl of "FOOOOOD" and Terry agrees. They drop it and go inside. Except Tamra didn't really drop it so much as she just picked up an extra large wine glass and filled it with Crabernet.

At the first opportunity, when Heather and Vicki went into another room to talk about Briana's move to Oklahoma, Tamra decided to launch into a discussion about Heather and the Good Day LA thing to an audience of Shannon, Lizzie, and Danielle. 

Shannon CLEARLY has NO IDEA what "come talk to me if we have a problem" means because when Heather walked back into the room, she and Tamra got awfully quiet, refusing to bring up the conversation they'd been having. But Lizzie wasn't having that.

She'd just heard Shannon talk about her agreement with Heather and wasn't giving Shannon an opportunity to get out of it. So LIZZIE brought up the conversation about Heather, forcing Tamra, Shannon, and Heather to talk it out.

And by talk we mean raise their voices so loudly that no one could hear anyone else.

Heather maintained that bringing the other gym on was an assignment and not her idea. Because she heard differently from someone else, Tamra doesn't believe Heather. Shannon's pissed that Heather told Tamra to "choose a side." 

Heather feels ambushed and when Tamra storms out of the most unproductive conversation in the world, Heather "gets a phone call" from her son, Nicky. We're certain the real-ness of that phone call will be much discussed during the reunion special, probably with Heather bringing phone records to prove she did receive a phone call that night.

Vicki tells Tamra she was being too hard on Heather and that Heather is in the right here. Tamra's not really hearing it because she wants to believe that Heather would hurt her.

In the limo on the ride home, Terry says he can't be held responsible for how Tamra read his text messages. 

The entire night was really something of a spectacle. You should watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online at TV Fanatic and see it for yourself.

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