Sexually Frustrated Ducks Harass Uninterested Dog: VIDEO

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A group of ducks are giving a dog a very hard time in the following video.

Just not the sort of hard time they actually want to give him.

Indeed, a Labrador retriever named Miedsos in featured along with four male Indian runner ducks in the following footage, with the latter bugging the heck out of the former.

Ulrike Kersjes, Miedsos’ owner, resides in Berlin and says the animals have taken to their pet because they are no female ducks in the area.

"It always looks like the four of them are putting their heads together to think up a plan," Kersjes says. "While the first one observes the situation, the other three all begin to jump on the dog."

That poor, poor dog.

Consider this yet another example of an unexpected animal friendship, even if Miedsos might not classify it as such...

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