George Clooney Plans "X-Rated" Bachelor Party With Strippers and Booze For All!

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Some time in the near future, George Clooney will marry Amal Alamuddin. But before that happens...he's gonna go out in style with the most epically debauched bachelor party a 53-year-old has ever had!

The always-reliable In Touch magazine claims that George and his pals were overheard planning a full-blown booze and boobies fest at an LA restaurant recently.

"His friends were talking about strippers, alcohol, and barhopping," says one eavesdropper. "He seemed thrilled to hear that his buddies were preparing an X-rated celebration."

The planned end point for the all-night pub crawl is apparently the Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club in Santa Barbara. But, naturally, George and company are keeping things hush-hush:

"George kept telling his buds to keep the plans on the down-low," says the source. "George says more than once, 'Am I supposed to be hearing all this? Just surprise me!'"

Once the earth-shattering bro-down of a bachelor party is done, it'll be time for the lame snoozefest of a wedding.

Naturally, we know nothing about the nuptial plans, but early reports indicate that Clooney and Alamuddin will marry at Downton Abbey...or at least the estate where the popular PBS series is filmed.

Monumental, tassle-shaking bachelor party for him, cheesy public television ceremony for her. This has been a glimpse inside the mind of George Clooney. 


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