Robert Pattinson Wants to Be a Stripper, is One Weird Dude

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Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce appeared on Good Morning America today to promote their new film, The Rover.

During his interview, however, Pattinson decided to slip in a plug for another project as well:

Asked if he'd like to have an acting career similar to Pearce's, Pattinson weirdly replied, "I was talking about my side career as a male stripper."

He laughs afterward, so we can assume he's kidding, but while we may never see him on stage at Chippendale's, there's one thing we know for certain - Rob's a strange bird.

Sadly, the topic of whether Pattinson is dating Katy Perry are dating didn't come up so we have no new information on whether or not those two will be doing weird stuff together and bringing weird kids into the world.

This isn't the first glimpse we've gotten into the unique inner world of Edward Cullen.

Pattinson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last week, where he claimed to be homeless and told a story about saliva.

Yeah, and you thought dating Kristen Stewart for that long was the weirdest thing he would ever do.

Fortunately, Rob's got the looks and talent to be as mumbly and eccentric as he wants and still make it in Hollywood. Actually, the exact same thing could be said of K-Stew.

Maybe they were the perfect couple, after all!


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